Feeling Cautious


I didn’t do much in the way of analysis this weekend, due to family engagements and just generally taking a break from everything. However, hanging over any thoughts I had, about entering into a new position, was the fact that I still don’t think I have recovered enough to open a new position. I have learned all too well that you need to be able to withstand short-term reversals and I don’t want to lose any more of my capital by needlessly entering a position and then getting stopped out a day or two later. The size of my account and the levels of leverage at which I would be trading a lot of assets also precludes me from a number of possibilities.

Nagging away at the back of my mind also is a fear of losing money, of a position going against me. Having previously been reckless I now think I’m feeling overcautious. I will have to work through this psychological barrier so that when I do have enough money in my account, I will be able to pull the trigger and enter into another market.

Only this morning did I finally look at a few different commodities. There were a few possibilities and I almost entered long into gold, but held off for the reasons previously stated. As far as this week goes, soybeans are obviously still worth staying in, so there was no need to make much of a decision on that. I did move my stop loss up some more, to protect myself from a price shock. All in all, nothing major.

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