A Day of Waiting


I think you could best describe today as a day of waiting for soybeans. It was a tight session of trading, with the high of $9.98 and a low of $9.90 and only closing up a 1/4 of a cent. There wasn’t much change from the information available last Friday. Over the weekend, the USDA announced that they wouldn’t be opening up any more acres which probably accounts for the slightly higher opening of $9.96 but there was no attempt to break the $10 mark nor much effort on the downside.

If everybody was waiting for some direction from the crop progress report, there wasn’t a lot of change there either. The harvest is well under way with 29% of it complete and there was a slight downgrading of the crop condition by 1%. That might provide a gust of wind tomorrow, but it feels like we’re back in the doldrums.

Open Positions

Asset Contract Position Change
Soybeans November 2007 Long +0.63

Account Details

Account Balance: €271.48
Open Position P/L: €513.52
Account Position: €785.00
Overall P/L: -€1265.00

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