Solid but Quiet for Soybeans


Soybeans traded in the same range as yesterday. It looks to me like another day of consolidation. Opening at its highest at 974.0, it was unable to break through yesterday’s new contract high of 974.4. In the end, a quiet day.Wheat closed down 6.0. I will be interested to see how this market changes over the next few days having now reached what appears to be a plateau. My interest in wheat lies in the fact that up until the end of August, I had a long position which I was unable to roll-over due to lack of funds. So I just missed out on the recent surge in prices, a fact that continues to grieve me. Wheat should also be providing some support for Soybeans as part of the upcoming bidding war for next years plantings.

Open Positions

Asset Contract Position Change
Soybeans November 2007 Long +1.0

Account Details

Account Balance: €271.48
Open Position P/L: €421.52
Account Position: €693.00
Overall P/L: -€1357.00

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