Let me reiterate my first post:

I am not a trader!

With that done, let’s get the Lonely Heart’s column out of the way:

SWM IT Professional, early 20s, graduated 2004 with degree in computer science. Avoided IT Job until Feb ’07. Has done some travelling, would like to do more. Still seeking place in life and long-term career still in flux. Always learning and juggling various projects.

This blog will serve as my trading journal, keeping a record of the positions that I enter and will follow the performance of my account. I am learning as I go along and I believe that the best way of learning is to get practical experience. By recording my decisions and the thoughts and reasons behind them and hopefully my state of mind prior to making the trade, this blog will serve as a valuable resource in the future as a tool to analyse my own personal performance, no matter how the money stands.

You might ask, “Why make it a public blog?” Why not? I have nothing much to hide, (except my name), and it may be of interest to other people who are thinking of diving in, like I did. It’s also an experiment in blogging, something that I shunned for years. Having recently come round to the idea that there might be some possible value in blogs, I wanted to see if I could create a blog of some merit.

That leaves why you would be interested in reading this blog. I have no idea. If I were to make some guesses, they would be the following:

a) You have no experience of trading but are interested in the area and are possibly thinking of entering into the “game.” If so, then hopefully I can take some of the bullets for you by learning from my experiences and maybe I can point you in some interesting directions.

b) You are a trader of some description. My best guess…entertainment value? My analysis consists of my own personal thoughts and as such is right for me and probably not for anybody else. I only look at what other people are writing and comment on or repeat them based on my opinions and instincts. You will get better analysis elsewhere from those with more experience and who better understand the markets. However, you might find some laughs in my antics and occasionally, I might just hit across a good idea.

c) Neither of the above. You probably know me. Why else would you be here?

Finally, I welcome any comments or discussion on my posts.


Ice Trader

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