Stopped out of Soybeans


I was expecting Soybeans to close lower today, but nowhere near limit down. The market touched limit down during the session and just before that I was stopped out. The overbought nature of the market and the pressure of harvesting were finally able to push the price down with the strengthening of the dollar as the catalyst. Wheat and corn closed limit down for the day and it will be interesting to see how much further wheat will fall.

Having no positions now open, I have a decision to make, whether to take my money and set it aside to build up a reasonable stake once more or to open another position in something. Initially I was leaning towards putting the money aside for the time being. However right now as I see that this correction was across the board, including not just grains, but metals, energies and softs, I think I might instead see if there is something that is worth getting involved in.

So much for my worries at the weekend of feeling comfortable with my position in soybeans. If I don’t quite feel the hunger, I’m not feeling the fear. Of course, I have yet to pull the trigger. I won’t be getting involved tomorrow, it’ll be the following day at the earliest before I open a new position. In the mean time, I will be looking at everything to see what the possibilities are at the moment.

Open Positions


Account Details

Account Balance: €585.48
Open Position P/L: €0.00
Account Position: €585.00
Overall P/L: -€1464.52

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