Harvesting Pressure, Planting Support


I did catch some of the market action today and it seemed to me that wheat was pulling up corn and soybeans for most of the day. In the end though, with wheat giving up some of its earlier gains towards the end of the session, the short-term factors weighed heavily on soybeans with the harvest underway and yesterday’s USDA report indicating a better crop condition. The question now is, how much will the coming harvest impact on the bidding for next year’s crops. Northern Brazil still has weather that is too hot and dry for planting and will continue to be like that for the next couple of weeks according to the forecast. I note that soybeans today closed 3 1/4 from the low and 9 off the high. I think I can expect more days like today, with the price of wheat being the supportive factor.

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Soybeans November 2007 Long -5.87

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